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Sunday February 03, 2013


Governor's Message

Governor Lion Wayne Cudney

January 2013

We have reached the midway point of our year and all clubs are meeting the challenges in front of us. Our theme is IN A WORLD OF SERVICE and I know all clubs are already doing this. 

International President Lion Wayne Madden said “In a World of Service no child should go to bed hunger and no one should suffer from preventable blindness.” We need to continue to do what we do best and that is to serve your community. As I move forward with my official visits I am very impressed with the service and fund-raising projects that the Clubs in A-l are undertaking. Most are very ambitious but achievable projects. Let’s keep the momentum going. 

I have set my goals this year very high. I believe we can grow our membership, grow in leadership and grow in service. We must continue to support our projects such as LCIF, Diabetes and our own Eyes Right. As a reminder please let GMT District Coordinator Lion George Croft know about your new members so we can send them the District Governor’s welcome letter.

Also we ask the Lions to consider a leadership role in the District as it is really a rewarding experience. Training for these positions is always available.

As most of us know Lions Club International is the world largest service club organization but do we really know how we impact people around the world?  Go to the LCI web-site to be connected to an interactive page showing that Lions are ready to serve anywhere we are needed.

We are close to recruiting enough new Lions to charter a new club in the District. Fanshawe College Campus Lions Club will be sponsored by the London Central Lions Club and hopefully this can happen in late January or early February. Remember we all need to give them our support.

We should all revisit our reason for becoming a Lion. If you are truly committed to serving your community and helping those less fortunate - then that is all that matters. We all promote Lionism in our own way. Some are cut out to be leaders and others to work to make these leaders look good.

LIONS: let’s look at the year in review as to how our donations and services have helped people by connecting to others around the world:

1)     LCI has met the Bill Gates Foundation challenge to raise 10 million dollars for measles

2)     LCI donated over $220,000.00 to those affected by Super Storm Sandy

3)     Lions continue to fight preventable blindness

4)     Lions and LCIF continue to support Lions Quest

5)     Lions of District A-1, I am overwhelmed by the number of people you serve in your communities As you can see from the above acts, we have made great strides, but there is much more work out there to help the less fortunate.

Lions, continue the great work you are doing and remember to seek out new members because that means 2 more helping hands at every project. 

Yours in Lionism, 

District A-1 Governor Lion Wayne Cudney 

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September 2012

First I’d like to thank the Lions of District A-1 for your support in electing me to serve as your District Governor for 2012-2013.  I know that throughout the District as I make my official visits and attend various functions that your support will be there.

International President Lion Wayne Madden’s theme this year is “IN A WORLD OF SERVICE’.  International President Madden would like us to return to our roots by putting service back into service clubs.  By this he means become more visible in our communities.  Our membership can strengthen through our aggressive commitment to attract dedicated men & women who believe in the values of volunteering.  We can individually and collectively make a difference in the lives of those in our communities and the world through our various service & fund raising activities.

As the government agencies reduce its funding of social services our role as the world’s largest service organization becomes more important.  Our members are our most valuable asset and they must be properly orientation and they immediately become involved in club activities.

If Lionism is to survive strong effective leadership is essential.  Through leadership training programs members will earn self confidence and learn leadership skills that will sustain Lionism well into the future.

International President Madden continues to promote LCI’s four global service action campaigns.

August- Engaging our youth.  Invite Leos and youths to develop and lead a project that enables them to learn skills while emphasizing the role of service.

October - Sharing the Vision.  Plan Vision projects or work with visually impaired.

December/January - Relieving the Hunger.  Plan projects to collect and distribute food.

April - Protecting our Environment.  Plan projects that improve and protect the environment.

We as a service organization are in for the long haul.  Preparation is needed to become agents of change.  International President Madden asks us to compare our activities with that of the Indianapolis 500.  It’s not just the race, it’s all the work behind the scenes that make us a winner.

In District A-1 this year we can all be Winners.

Remember - Dedication + Preparation + Teamwork = Excellence

District A-1 Governor Lion Wayne Cudney

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