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Governor's Message

Governor Steve's Winter Message

[December 2011]


With the Christmas season just passing and the New Year upon us, it is time to look back at the last six months of the Lions year, and see just what we have done as Lions.  We have worked hard in our communities to make them better places to live. We have worked raising money at Fall Fairs, Bingos, and Raffles etc. All of this so that we could donate the monies to those less fortunate.  Lions have lent a hand to improve community park trails, and have helped out other service organizations such as Good-Fellows, Community Chest and others with cash and helping hands, all of this in the name of service.  So yes I think that we the Lions can be proud of what we have done so far but as we all know service to the community whether local district or national and yes globally is a never ending task.  With over 1.35 million Lions helping out those less fortunate around the globe, our service makes a difference and knowing that Lions make a difference should make us all proud. 

With six months to go in the Lions year we must still keep moving forward to make our communities better.  Yes, that means more fund raisers, and more labour but we should not lose sight of the fact that we can have fun as we work. We have supported various foundations and organizations so far but we all realize that we can’t stop now. Our District Foundation “Eyes Right” will be having a parade of cheques at the next Cabinet Meeting and it would be nice to have every Club in the District participate at this time with a donation, after all this is our Foundation and it helps all of the communities within A-1 and beyond by providing essential equipment that you or your neighbours may need one day.  Along with this challenge it is once more time to think about our youth exchange program. PZC Lion Curtis & PDP Lioness Carol will be looking for donations (financial and manpower) to help with the camp so please keep this in mind. They will also be looking for host families for the incoming youth so please consider helping them out. These youth are coming to our country and District to experience what life is like in Canada. From them you will learn about their country and some of their traditions. This is great way to learn how small this planet really is.

As you know this Lions year we were challenged to plant 1,000,000 trees. We have surpassed this number globally by over 5x, but our District and many others have not really yet started to participate. Now is the time to plan for your clubs participation in this world wide project, so please let’s get ready to do our part and leave a legacy of trees for future generations

The year is half over but there are many challenges ahead of us and I Believe that we can meet them and exceed them.  As Lions we can be proud of our service to others; we the Lions provide help to those in need, no matter where help were its needed.

Lion Steven Mahovlich
District Governor

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Governor Steve Mahovlich's Theme Message

[August 2011]


Our INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Tam has chosen the theme I BELIEVE and I really could not agree more with him.  I believe that we the Lions do make a difference.  We in this district have a lot to be proud of – after all we did make Lions International.  We also live up to the Association’s motto of “We Serve” by the various things we do.

I have chosen “Leading The Way” as my personal theme because those who know me know that I am a piper and traditionally pipers lead charges from the front.  I believe that a good leader stands up front for all to see so as to set the example for others to follow just as the piper leads the parade or his regiment into battle.   I believe that we need to be leaders within our communities. To render service to those who require it makes our communities better places to grow and prosper.

Over 21 years ago when I was asked to join I knew very little about the Lions other than that they were a service club.  I had some very astute Lions who became my mentors and they helped point me in the right direction so that I could grow and understand just what Lions were all about.

At the recent international convention the incoming governors of the world were challenged by the incoming President Dr. WING-KUN TAM to plant 1,000,000 trees. As your Governor I think that the Lions Family of District A-1 can do our part. If we planted just one tree for every member of the Lions’ family we can plant over 1500 trees, thus helping our environment and showing that we care.

And finally it is my hope that every member of the Lions Family continues to enjoy being in Lionism.  To do this we must remember that while we are serving our communities and living up to our associations’ motto we must take time for ourselves and HAVE SOME FUN AND FELLOWSHIP WITH OUR FELLOW LIONS.

As we go into the future the Lions will be asked to do many things and I know that we will answer the call.  I BELIEVE IF YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO DREAM YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO SUCCEED.



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