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Lions' Remembrance Service

The Lions remembrance service is available in the following formats:

  1. A pdf form file which can be filled in and printed
  2. A PDF file which cannot be filled in on the computer but can be printed and filled in by hand.
  3. A Rich Text Format document that can be edited before printing.

All files at set up to be printed in booklet format, 2 pages per sheet of paper on both sides.

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The text in all the services above have been modified to be gender neutral. 

The service below is the original text unmodified.






THE ________ DAY OF ________________

Service conducted by


Date: ________________

“His service to mankind

Will endure forever.”

We are here today to pay our respects to
our beloved brother,  Lion________.

When a loved one or a friend passes

away, we feel a profound sense of

loss, an emptiness we know can

never again be filled. We are saddened,

and we grieve for the departed, but

we are heartened by the cherished

memories they leave — that in

knowing them we may become better

human beings ourselves.


(Light the candle)


So it is with our fellow Lion _______ who has

passed from us. We mourn him and will

miss him dearly, but he has left

something very precious behind; his

legacy of unswerving commitment to the

ideals of Lionism, unselfish service to

people in need and loyal and devoted

fellowship with all other members of

the Lions family


The memory of Lion _______who walked with us in

service, fills us with an inner contentment,

bringing about a peace which affects every

sector of our lives. He has also provided us

with a challenge to continue our high

standards and dedication to the needs of



(At this point, ask if any Lion wishes to come come forward to say a few words.)


Through his commitment, courage and

perseverance he has shown us the way. Let us

continue along this noble path.


Lion ___________, to whom we pay homage today,

has exemplified the humanitarian ideals of Lionism.

He gave unselfishly of himself on behalf of

others and what he achieved shall forever

stand as personal monuments to his integrity

and his selfless dedication to the well being of



The glow from the candle beside the bier of

our beloved brother Lion _______ is but a small

symbol of the light which he caused to shine in

the hearts of his fellow man.


I charge you, my fellow Lions, not to allow the

flame of the candle to grow dim. Instead you

must kindle it so that its glow will be ever

brighter so that it may be seen from afar by

more persons.


Do you accept this charge?

All Lions present will answer:

I do.


As we honour Lion ________ may we pray that his

loved ones may have the strength and wisdom

to carry on …

Let us pray


Our heavenly father … for whom all things are

possible … grant unto the soul of our dearly

beloved brother thy everlasting love … and

may he be at peace in thy house forever.

Look upon his family and friends and bestow

upon them thy mercy and love. Give them,

O Lord , the strength to face the future

unafraid . Help them to endure their heartache

and make their wounds to heal rapidly, in the

knowledge that their loved one is in Thy

loving care forever.


We ask these blessing in the name of Thy Son

who taught us when we pray, to say together:


All Lions together:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy

name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on

earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily

bread and forgive us our trespasses as we

forgive them that trespass against us. Lead us

not into temptation but deliver us from evil …

for Thine is the kingdom, the power and the

glory, for ever and ever.



Lord, hear our call and grant unto all Lions

the strength and wisdom to serve their fellow

man by giving aid the needy … comfort to the

aged and those in distress … relief to those who

are afflicted … hope to those who are

discouraged … and guidance to those who are




To Lion ______’s family and our fellow members,

we pledge that he shall not be forgotten and

that together we will continue the good work he

believed and worked so devotedly for. Our

commitment to community service shall be

strengthened by his love and his compassion for his

fellow man.


Our sincere sympathy is expressed at this

gathering to his family. We further pledge our

support, both spiritually and morally, we

want you to know our close association will



Please call on us anytime and we will

be proud to offer our service.


Let us now offer a prayer to the

remembrance of this fine lion as we say together

The Lions Ode …


All Lions say together:

O Lord, Thy blessings now let fall

upon these Lions as we call:

may all our ties of friendship be

forever strengthened, Lord by Thee.


Let us depart in peace.