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On Line Reporting

Monthly Activity and Membership Report Form

In Microsoft Word Format

In WordPerfect Format

In PDF (Acrobat)

For answers to questions about reporting your Monthly Membership online, check out the following pages for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick reference Guide

End of Year Reporting (Information from MDA Treasurer)

Club Officers Online

PU-101 Online - To submit your 2009-2010 Club Officers (PU101) ONLINE, please refer to the following instructions. Please be sure to update the membership information prior to adding the new officer.

  1. Log on to the Membership Reporting site (WMMR)
  2. Click the Club link in the yellow bar
  3. Click Club Officers
  4. Click the drop-down box entitled "Lionistic Year" & select 2009-2010
  5. Select the Title from the drop do


Club Membership Cards

Membership Cards Online - Now club secretaries have a report where they can print membership cards for their members from the WMMR site. They can choose from printing either 8 or 10 cards per sheet, print black and white or color cards, choose the individual members name(s) and choose an end date. The report will automatically format the cards for printing. All they have to supply is the standard business card stock either 8 or 10 cards per sheet. Please refer to the following instructions:

  1. After logging in to WMMR, click Reports
  2. Click Print next to Membership Cards
  3. Choose your paper size
  4. Choose the number of cards per page and whether you would like color or black and white
  5. Choose an expiration date
  6. Select the members you would like to print cards for
  7. A counter will be displayed under the members selected list to show you the number of cards you will need
  8. Click Run Report
  9. Any 8 per page or 10 per page business card labels can be used
    All of the information will be filled in except for the signatures
    After putting the business card stock in your printer, click the Adobe Print Icon
    IMPORTANT - Set Page Scaling to None to ensure cards print correctly
    Click OK

Clubs using the WMMR site will not automatically receive printed membership cards.



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