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Sunday February 09, 2014


CNIB Lake Jo

Lake Jo News

District A-1 Lionsí Lake Joseph Centre
Transportation Project

A Testimonial
from the Family of a Lake Jo Camper

Governor Steve,
I received the following note from the family of Orval Haskel who passed away last Saturday and thought I would like to share it with you.

Orval was visually impaired and had other challenges that made daily life difficult and was a passenger on our annual bus trip to and from the LJC for several years.

Having little opportunities for recreation he looked forward to our gathering each year. This expectation always brightened his spirit and his health appeared to improve.
Orval is a prime example of why our transportation project is so important. It may serve few in numbers, but it's value is great.

"Ōf they can't get there, they can't benefit!"

Yours In Lionism
Lion Peter Best


Hi Peter!
It has been a very tiring last few days, but I thought I would let you know that I have received donations to your transportation project and the home received additional donations. I do not know how much they were for. The funeral home will forward them directly to [the District treasurer]. I will send a cheque to [the treasurer] when all the money comes in. It is not a lot but hopefully every little bit helps.

Orval, Rose and I always believed that your transportation project was an excellent program that made it possible for the blind to get to the camp and have a little change and fun. We really appreciate your efforts and the Lions Club support of this great cause. Without this project most of the Participants would not be able to go to camp.

The Lions and you are to be commended for all you do for the Blind.

Thanks, Fred


Report to District A1
August 29, 2010

By Chairman Lion Peter W. B. Best


Objective:        To provide safe, convenient, low-cost transportation to and from the  CNIB Lake Joseph Centre for blind, deaf-blind, visually impaired, their escorts and guide dogs


As previously reported this past spring, I am very pleased to advise that we were once again able to continue our Transportation Project for this summer. The communications with the CNIB LJC staff has been re-established and we once again have an agreeable working relationship.


After a busy spring of preparation we departed on July 11 and returned on July 17. This season Lion Gerry Fielding and I escorted 32 excited vacationers and three dog guides to their favourite holiday retreat, CNIB Lake Joseph Centre, where they shared a fun filled week with their friends.


For the past few seasons clients were becoming very unhappy with the service at the CNIB LJC, during which time we advocated to help them to get the CNIB to listen to their concerns and encouraged them to resolve a number of issues. Apparently they did listen, and I am happy to report that I am very encouraged that the agenda of service appears to once more be directed at meeting the needs of their guests. The vacationers we served reported to me that they found the conditions of the facility and staff behaviour to be greatly improved. The quality and variety of meals were more in line with what an adult would enjoy. There was a good variety of activities.  In short a majority of the group indicated that they enjoyed their stay at the camp more this year than they have for along time.  I can finally say once again, I enjoyed co-ordinating this yearís transportation project, thank you for the opportunity to serve.


Total cost of this seasonís LJC Transportation Project was   $ 4304.40
(Refer to District Treasurerís Report for financial details.)



The breakdown in communications and the difficulties in continuing this project was an uncomfortable period for all of us; however it did have a positive outcome, which was that our LJC Transportation Project got a lot of attention. As a result the value and the importance in this service have now been widely recognized and there is growing interest in duplicating it in other areas. I want to thank all of you for your patience and support through this difficult period. On behalf of the vacationers and their families, I would like to extend a sincere appreciation for your generous support and ask that you will continue to make our LJC Transportation Project possible as it is truly a service we can be proud to provide.


ďIf they canít get there, they canít benefitĒ

This project is our opportunity to serve.   Thank you for your support.


District  A-1 Chairman Lion Peter Best

or by phone: 519 944-5595


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