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Saturday January 17, 2009


International President Al Brandel’s October E-letter

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 Dear Club President,

 You won’t find a more dedicated Lion than my wife, Maureen, but when we began dating it was another story. I told her I was “a little involved with Lions.” She responded, “What’s a Lion?”

 That shows you our challenge in getting our name out and attracting new members. People are bombarded with so much information and advertisement and so many appeals for help and volunteerism that it’s easy for Lions Clubs to get lost in the clutter. That’s why we need to present a clear image of who we are. We need to speak with one voice. So we’ve “rebranded” Lions. We’ve taken a long look at who we are. After conferring with many Lions worldwide, we’ve identified eight key characteristics of Lions.

We are global.

We serve where we live.

We give 100 percent.

We do it ourselves.

We are rich in heritage and pride.

We are in good company.

We’re open.

We are dedicated to sight – and more.

 You will help your club grow and become more diverse by communicating these key characteristics.

 Lions Clubs International has a wide range of resources available on its Web site to help you communicate these messages.

 Please take a look at the impressive We are Lions brochure

Also learn more about our rebranding

 Our 21st century messages deserve 21st century media.  Lions Clubs International is working hard to make sure you have access to the tools you need to communicate effectively.   Our association now has a presence on the online video site YouTube.  Because this site is global, yet person-to-person media, it is an excellent match for an organization whose ideals embrace both personal service and worldwide cooperation.  I urge all Lions subscribe to the Lions channel on YouTube

Of course the best way to communicate in any century is by example.  To be sure that your club is walking-the-walk as well as talking-the-talk, ask yourself the following questions.

 In the past month, has my club: 

Invited someone to a service activity or to visit my club?

Offered a warm welcome to newcomers?

Talked with local leaders about our commitment to the community?

Identified a problem in our community or in the world that our club can work on?

Focused on the impact that we want to make?

Heard someone say that our club is an asset to the community?

Acted generously from the heart?

 Lions working together can accomplish any task. Your club can ramp up its energy, spirit and membership and take its service to new levels.

 As always, I thank you for all you do for your community and our world.

Al Brandel
International President

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