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Dick Kennedy



Monday May 02, 2011


The Club must meet at least ten (10) of the following requirements:

1. President qualified for 100% President’s Award.

2. Secretary qualified for 100% Secretary’s Award.

3. Sponsor a new Lions Club.

4. 75% or better attendance every month (Sept to June).

5. Representative at MDA convention or International convention.

6. Full slate of delegates at District A-1 convention.

7. Club bulletin entered in the District bulletin contest.

8. Have completed a community project in the current year.

9. Participation in Lions Campaign Sight First 11 or a sight conservation fundraiser.

10. Participation or support in at least six (6) other District programs, such as:

Effective Speaking      A-1 Youth Camp

Youth Exchange  

Lions World Service Day
Drug Awareness Program Diabetes
L.C.I.F.     L.F.C.
A Life Worth Living Program  Eyes Right (Dist A-1 Sight  Foundation)

11. Visitations to at least five (5) other Club’s during the current year.

12. Net gain of at least two (2) members during the current fiscal year.


Clubs applying for this award must submit a resume to be verified by the District Governor. Qualifying Clubs will be presented a patch for the Club banner, inscribed ‘100% Club’ with the year and the District Governor’s name.


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