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The District that made Lions "International"

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100% Club Award
Club President
100% Secretary
100% Treasurer
Bulletin Contest
Dick Kennedy

1. The club has complied with the association’s constitution and by-laws as well as the policies of the International Board of Directors, and has refrained from any action encouraging unauthorized uses of the name, goodwill, emblem, the marks “Lions,” “Lions Club”, ”Lioness,” ”Leo,” ”Lions International” or “Lions Clubs International” and other insignias of this association.


2. The club has conducted at least one major service activity during the year in line with the International Program. Name of activity


3. The club has accomplished at least two of the following:

(a) A net increase of one member for the year

(b) Sponsorship of at least one Lions club.

(c) Qualified for the Club Retention Award.

(d) The club conducted a club retreat during the year.


4. The club does not have an unpaid balance of over US$50 owed to international association as of March 31 st , 2006.


5. The club has submitted each of the following three reports to International Headquarters by each due date:

(a) Monthly Membership Report (C-23-A)

(b) Annual Activities Report (A-1)

(c) Annual Club Officer Report (PU-101)


6. The president has attended all of the following Lions meetings during the year. (In case of emergency, a representative of the club president may attend on behalf of the club president.)

(a) At least two zone meetings

(b) Club officer school

(c) District, multiple district, or international convention


7. The president certified that all new members were properly indoctrinated and involved in service activities and/or committee work.

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